Tech Mahindra Interview Questions for BPO| BPO Interview Questions 2022

Tech Mahindra BPO Interview Questions & Tech Mahindra Interview Questions for BPO

Are you also a job seeker and looking for some kind of job then this post can prove to be very beneficial for you. Because if you are a fresher and searching for a job, then you can start your career from a call center ie the BPO sector because it is an easily available and very fast-growing job.

That’s why if there is talk of a call center, then there is a company named Tech Mahindra in it. This company is considered a well-known company in the IT sector.

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    Today we will talk about this multinational company that if you have an interview then what questions can be asked from you in this company. Because whatever questions have been given in this post, I am telling all that on the basis of my experience because I have given an interview in BPO Sector in Tech Maninder company, that’s why I think that I can tell about it very well.

    How many rounds are there in Tech Mahindra BPO Sector?

    It is often seen in this company that in this your interview is divided into 3 to 4 rounds and these rounds can also be more or less indifferent place branches but today we are talking about Chandigarh Tech Mahindra branch. It was my 4 rounds in which

    • Introduction Round
    • Technical Round
    • HR Round
    • Client Round

    In this first round, you can also be telephonic, so you are always ready for the telephonic round.

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    What are the things to keep in mind in the BPO sector of a Mahindra company?

    By the way, the interview level in the BPO Sector is based on low to intermediate levels, so you do not need to worry much about this. You have to prepare for the interview by keeping the following points in mind.

    1. You have to improve your communication skills very well because if your communication skills are good then you understand that 100% chances of your job increase.
    2. In the BPO sector, a person is given a chance who is a good candidate for speaking, that’s why whoever says it so that the interviewer sitting in front should be sure that this candidate is the best person in speaking because in the call center you have to speak only. . That’s why to improve your speaking style, which is very good to hear.
    3.Your customer handling skills should be good because if you are not able to handle the customer then the initial days in the call center are going to be very difficult.

    Because when the customer wants to know about something from you and if the customer is angry then if you do not handle the anger of the customer then you will find yourself in trouble at that time and you will also forget what comes at that time and well. You will not be able to perform. That’s why you should come to convey to anyone, this is a plus point for you.
    4.For a job in BPO, you must have passed at least a senior secondary class.
    5.You must have internet and a fast processing computer or laptop. (But Don’t Worry if you don’t have it, the company will help you with this yourself.)
    6.In this job, you may also have to work rotational shifts, which means, the timing of your shift may be different every week, so be prepared to work nights and shifts that change every week. (This will be applicable only for male candidates. Shift for girls is available only till 9 PM in the night.)

    Now let’s talk something about what questions are asked to you in the BPO sector and if you do these question-prepared then surely your job is confirmed.

    Interview Questions For Tech Mahindra BPO For Freshers

    Q: 1 Please Tell Me About Yourself?

    This question is such a question which you have to prepare very well because only from this question the interviewer will get some interest in interviewing you. If you are not able to give this question well then it will be with you in your entire interview as a bad sign.

    In this question, the interviewer wants you to present yourself in short and simple lines Like:

    • Like your name?
    • Where do you live?
    • What are your education qualifications?
    • What work experience do you have and how many years of experience do you have?
    • What are your hobbies and interests?

    Some people often make a mistake in their interview which is to tell about their family. Now you people will think that why it is wrong to tell about the family, the answer is simple that the interviewer has to know about you, not about your family.

    And if you start telling about your family without asking, then you end up wasting a lot of time in the interview And this only takes away the interest of your interviewer. You have to answer this only when the interviewer itself asks you about your family.

    Q: 2 What is Business Process Outsourcing(BPO)?

    The full form of BPO is Business Process Outsourcing and it is called so because When a company gets some of its work done by another service provider such as Accounts, IT Support or Customer Support, etc. It is similar to a contract, BPO gives a lot of benefits to the companies such as money and time.

    Q: 3 Difference B/W Inbound and Outbound Process?

    The simple meaning of inbound and outbound is that In inbound you will get calls and you have to pick up and solve the problems of the customers. Customer support can be an example of an inbound process. If we talk about the outbound process, then you will not receive the call, but you will have to call the customers. Now, these calls can be of different types like Sales Calls, Feedback Calls, etc. The best example of an outbound process is sales calls.

    Q: 4 Why do you want to join BPO Sector?

    By the way, BPO Sector has become a fast-growing industry, but even today, somewhere or the other, we all have one thing in our mind. That BPO is only a part-time job and often you must have heard it from the mouth of many people that you do not have any future in BPO.

    That’s why people do not keep BPO in the category of serious jobs. And the speed with which he joins this BPO industry, he skips this job with the same speed.

    That’s why the interviewer wants to ask you through this question, what are you thinking and what do you want to do in your life.

    You can get the idea of its answer from the example given below:


    The BPO sector is growing faster than any other sector. Due to its rapid growth, you can also get career growth and the best opportunities in it. That’s why I decided to turn my career towards this fast-growing industry.

    Q: 5 Why did you leave your previous job?

    This question will be asked only from experienced candidates as they have worked in a company before or if you used to work in any other industry earlier and you want to shift to the BPO industry, then you should answer this question after thinking. These candidates definitely make some mistakes like they answer all those things which you should never do Like

    1.I left my previous job because I didn’t like my boss.
    2.I used to get less salary in my previous company.
    3.I had to work a lot in the previous company.

    There are many such answers which you have to avoid giving in the interview. Because if you give such answers then your interviewer will start judging you that this candidate runs only according to his own Rules, not the companies.

    That’s why you can take a little idea from the given below that how you have to answer. You have to prepare this answer according to your previous job, in this, you have to add some such things so that your image appears as a learner.


    My last job was at a computer shop and the job I was given was limited due to which I was not able to learn anything new and nowadays if you can’t learn something new then it is not good for your career growth. This was the reason why I decided to leave my previous job.

    Q: 6 What were your responsibilities in your previous company?

    These questions will also be asked from an experienced candidate only. In this, you have to tell what work you have handled in your previous company. Whatever you are telling in this question, keep in mind that you tell it thoughtfully.

    Because if you have spoken about some such work which is not known, it can be a negative point for you.Because it may be that the next question of the interviewer can be related to your work which you have told.

    Q: 7 Why should we Hire you?

    In this question, you just have to tell some of your skills or characteristics in simple lines so that the company can benefit. In this question also you have to tell such skills or characteristics that you have in yourself nor do you start lying.

    For example, suppose this is related to the job of a customer support executive then you can answer something like this:


    The biggest reason you should hire me for this job of Customer Support Executive is that I am fond of listening to people’s problems as well as helping them & I am from a teaching background. That’s why I come very high that how to explain my point to a person in a good way.

    Q: 8 Tell us about your Strengths and Weaknesses?

    In this question, you have to tell about some of your weaknesses and some of your strengths, but in this also you have to answer with your understanding. In your answer, the company should see a good candidate in you.

    You can take some ideas from some examples given below.

    StrengthsMy biggest strength is that I keep a close eye on the details of every job and believe in planning and executing that work in advance. By planning in advance, I can manage my time better and save myself and the company’s time. I am very flexible and able to adapt myself to any working environment.
    Weaknesses My biggest weakness is that I keep a close eye on the details of my every work which takes me some time. But I’m trying to rectify this shortcoming of mine.
    Strengths & Weakness

    Q: 9 What do you know about our company?

    Like we are talking about Tech Mahindra company but this question will be asked to you in almost every interview. That is why whenever you go to interview in any company, then you should always prepare this question.

    Let us know what you need to know in this

    By the way, take as much knowledge as you can about the company because the more you tell in the interview, the better it will be for you. But still, you must read some of these things like :

    1.When was the company formed?
    2.What is the name of the CEO, Founder of the company?
    3.What Fields and Products does the company deal in?
    4.How many branches does the company have and where is it located?
    5.Where is the headquarters of the company located?
    6.How many employees work in the company?

    For all these questions, you can visit the website of that company, and also you have to take a look at all the social media pages of that company.

    Q: 10 Are you ready to work Night Shift?

    This answer may be slightly different according to different companies because it is not necessary to have night shifts in all the companies. But here we are talking about the BPO sector of Tech Mahindra company, so keep in mind that you will get night shift in this company.

    If you are ready to work in night shift then there is a maximum chance that you will definitely get the job. That’s why you have to answer Yes to this question as well. Because if you do not agree to this question then you will find it difficult to get a job.

    According to my, for now, you just answer yes because now you have to crack the job interview. If you can not work in night shift or you have any problem then you can request later to change your shift.

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