About Us

First of all, welcome to my bio section, and thank you for coming to read about me. My Journey starts from my city Kaithal which is a city in Haryana State. My city is famous for many things like its name which was formerly known as Kapistala And it is said that Yudhistar founded Kaithal during the time of Mahabharata. And it is also said that Lord Hanuman was born in this city. By the way and many more: About my city but you can google for that I don’t want to bore you by telling you this history.

I was very fond of computers from the beginning, so I have also completed my studies in the computer field itself. I have completed a polytechnic diploma and b.tech from computer science engineering. Currently working as a full-time Microsoft Certified Trainer. Talking about my family, we have 5 members in the family.

The ghost of blogging was on me for many years but could never start. As my journey in the computer field progressed, so did my passion to make an identity on the Internet. Just then I took my first step on YouTube 3 years ago and due to being lazy, it was left in the middle. Today I have 500 subscribers on that channel and there are 3 videos out of which 2 videos were also very successful. I started blogging again after my youtube match was a tie and worked very hard for 5 months And also created a health blog, I failed due to a lack of fetish starting knowledge.

And today after 4 years I have come again into the world of blogging and now no matter what happens, I have to prepare my own successful blog. Now the journey ahead is in the hands of God. Thank you very much read my strange story-type bio. I agree it is boring but what to do man about the page was empty I pasted my story here

All I would like to say about this blog is that if I try hard this time, I will definitely get success. Thank you very much for your support.

Thank You